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About us

Development is always the good, and co-development is something more.

By uniting companies in Poland, Belarus and Russia, the MaRRo Group of Companies takes on all the difficulties associated with introducing new brands to the market and helps manufacturers get better and take their place in the European and Eurasian markets.

Our history

There is always a first step in any undertaking

In 2018, the Polish investment company MK Investments and the Belarusian company MaRRo, operating in the field of construction and management of commercial real estate, invested their capital in a new area of joint activity. This is how the MaRRo Group of Companies appeared, which today includes three young but ambitious players in the wholesale trade in FMCG goods: MK Investments with an office in Poland, MaRRo-Market with an office in Belarus and MaRRo-Market Rus with an office in Russia.

Marro group — We discover the new, we combine the best

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